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Public Advice

Legal Practitioners’ Fees and Complaints Handling Procedures

The Malawi Law Society (the Society) is created under the Legal Education and Legal Practitioners Act, (the Act.) It has a responsibility, among other things, to protect and assist the public in Malawi on all matters concerning or relating to the law. As a key player in the regulation of law practice in Malawi, the Society has an interest in ensuring that members of the legal profession in Malawi observe standards and rules of professional conduct. In this regard, the Society is committed to ensuring that there is an effective and robust regime for enforcing the said professional standards and rules. To aid members of the public, the Society publishes this public advice on the relevant procedures to be followed whenever any member of the public has a bona fide complaint or grievance against a licensed legal practitioner relating to such legal practitioner’s conduct in the provision of legal services.


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