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Executive Policy Statement and Action Guide 2023-2025

The Executive Committee provides policy direction to the Secretariat and to the MLS as a whole. To this end, the Executive Committee develops an Executive Policy Statement and Action Guide to act as blueprint for the MLS’s activities in the relevant period of the term of the Executive Committee.

The 2023-2025 Executive Committee developed and adopted its Executive Policy and Statement and Action Guide for implementation between 2023 and 2025 focussing on twelve (12) areas and generally pledging to be INFLUENTIAL.

The following are the key pillars:

  • independence and integrity;
  • nurturing young lawyers;
  • following the law and attaining financial stability and independence under the law;
  • loyalty and listening to the profession and the MLS’s members;
  • unity and understanding;
  • experience based efficiency;
  • navigating the profession through any troubled waters;
  • continuity, commitment and collective responsibility;
  • exemplary leadership;
  • institutionalising and depersonalising the MLS’s business;
  • accessibility and availability to the members and the public; and
  • land development.
2023-2025 MLS Policy Statement
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