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Leadership and Management

The MLS has an Executive Committee which is an organ of the MLS and provides policy direction to the MLS. The Executive Committee is elected by the members of the MLS at the Annual General Meeting for a tenure of office of 2 years. The current Executive Committee was elected on 21st March, 2023 and will be in the office for the period 2023 to 2025. The Executive Committee has 10 members and is led by the Chairperson. Members of the Executive Committee serve on voluntary basis.

The MLS also has a Secretariat that is responsible for the day to day affairs of the MLS. Members of the Secretariat are employees of the MLS. The Secretariat is headed by the Director who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the MLS. The MLS has other statutory committees namely; the Remuneration Committee, the Disciplinary Committee and the Honours Committee. In addition, the MLS may delegate any of its powers and or functions to any one or more of its officers or to any committee of the MLS. The MLS has nine (9) Subcommittees and eleven (11) Practice Divisions.

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