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Membership of MLS is of three categories. First, all legal practitioners who are members by reason of having their names inscribed on the Roll of legal practitioners. Such membership is without election or appointment. A person becomes a member of MLS from the date on which his name was inscribed upon the Roll. A member of MLS by reason of his or her name being inscribed on the Roll remains a member of the MLS until his name is removed from the Roll whether at his own request or otherwise and upon approval by the MLS. A member whose name is inscribed on the Roll and who is suspended from practising or has not paid subscription fees to the MLS is, by law, not entitled during the period of suspension or non-payment, to any of the rights and privileges of membership.

Second, the MLS may, from time to time, confer membership on any other person resident in Malawi who possesses legal qualifications acceptable to the MLS and applies for membership. Lastly, the MLS may confer honorary membership, either for life or for any period as it may deem appropriate, on any person it deems fit, and who consents to the election. The MLS currently has 747 legal practitioners licenced to practice the profession of law in the 2023/2024 legal practice year. At least 1005 legal practitioners have been admitted to the Bar since 1995.

Members of the MLS pay subscription fees annually. The amount of subscription is determined by the MLS from time to time. Currently the subscription fee is at MK375,000.00. An honorary member does not pay subscription.

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